Song Reaktor - The Musical Taste Test!
Song Reaktor - The Musical Taste Test!
Song Reaktor - The Musical Taste Test!
Song Reaktor - The Musical Taste Test!
Song Reaktor - The Musical Taste Test!

Song Reaktor - The Musical Taste Test!

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Hi, I'm Terry D., creator of the Song Reaktor and CEO of BOI SO ILL. 

There are millions of artists every year making music everyday in hopes of one day making it and living their dream life style. The rap game, along with the help of the internet, has exploded into transforming normal everyday artists from no-names and turning them into millionaires selling out arenas worldwide!!

This is GREAT, but at the same time it creates an environment where your songs have to be good enough to compete for the fans ears in order to build your fan base because if not, there are millions of other artists for them to choose from.

Did you know every time you put out a song it's the most important choice of your career?

Why? Because songs are the vehicle to the fans' heart! 


They trust that you're going to deliver the feeling they desire. Putting out one bad song begins to damage that trust. It's like a small crack in a dam.

If this starts to happen, you never know which crack will be the downfall. One crack is bad enough, but one crack too many and the fans won't give a damn about you!

This is why successful artists are very careful about what songs make it or don’t make it onto their albums or get released to the public. They only pick the top performing songs and go from there.

Whereas other artists release everything or almost everything they make to the public.

How does working with us make you different and how does this benefit you!?

Here is what separates all other emerging artists from the artists that work with us!

  • Knowing your stats
  • Building your fan base and
  • Having access to Top Industry Producers, A&R's and Film Directors!

Do you know your song's stats?

Why are they so important?

Knowing your song stats tells you what people think about your music so you can make an intelligent decision about that song!

Let us give you 3 clear examples of how vitally important this is from the aspect of other career choices and how you can directly relate them to what you do as an artist.

Example #1 Sports!

If you were going to pick 2 other players to play 3 on 3 along side of you on your team in Ice Cube's - The Big 3 Basketball tournament, who would you pick out of the following choices?

1) Lebron James - PTS: 26 AST: 10.6 FG%: 0.49
2) Tyler Perry - PTS: 2 AST: 0.1 FG%: .123
3) Kevin Hart - PTS: 5 AST: 2.5 FG%: 0.22
4) Tiger Woods - PTS: 7 AST: 1.7 FG%: 0.31 
5) Steph Curry - PTS: 21 AST: 6.6 FG%: 0.40 

You would probably pick Lebron James and Steph Curry!


Because most sports fans already know they are NBA MVP's.

However, the stats is what really allow you to make an intelligent decision even if you never heard of them!

But what if it looked like this?

1) Lebron James -PTS: ?? AST: ?? FG%: ?? 
2) Tyler Perry - PTS: ?? AST: ?? FG%: ??
3) Kevin Hart - PTS: ?? AST: ?? FG%: ??
4) Tiger Woods - PTS: ?? AST: ?? FG%: ??
5) Steph Curry - PTS: ?? AST: ?? FG%: ??

This time with no stats, it makes it extremely difficult to know which one to choose...

Knowing the numbers simplifies making a good decision tremendously! Right?

As an artist, you should consider each one of your songs as a player and your album as your team.

Quite naturally you want a winning team! Or in this case an amazing album!

So if you had...

Song A = ?%
Song B = ?%
Song C = ?%

Which one would you choose as the song for your single, video or your album?

How about if you knew your song's stats?

Song "A" - Overall Average = 62%
Song "B" - Overall Average = 39%
Song "C" - Overall average = 81%

Now which one would you choose?

Let me guess...Song "C".

It's a no brainer right? The fans already told you!

Let's move on to the next example.

Example #2 Culinary Arts!

Let's say this time you're a chef that just finished a brand new cake recipe.

Would you just cook up a bunch of cakes, start advertising them on the internet and then offer slices to everyone you know?

Let's say you love your new recipe so much that you decide to risk investing your time and money to open up a restaurant because you're excited to sell your new cakes!


What if, after a lot of people have stopped by to check out your cake, you begin finding out that your recipe isn't as good as you thought it was?

After they have a bite or two and don't finish the whole thing, do you think they'll be coming back?

What are they going to think every time they see your restaurant ads on social media?

What are they going to tell others about your restaurant?

Perhaps would it have been better to have a few people try out your new recipe first and get their opinion before you did all the above?

By not having enough people sample the cake to see what they think of your cake before offering it to a large group of people, you probably just ruined your reputation as a chef.

But had you asked a test group to try your cake and gotten some reaction before taking such big steps, you could have saved your reputation and a bunch of time and money.

Last Example The comedian!

If you ever study a great comedian, you'll soon find out that by the time a large audience hears their jokes, they've tried those jokes a 1000 x, perfecting them along the way until they started getting the laughs they were looking for.

You'll find they've toured small comedy clubs such as "The Laugh Factory" again and again, all across the country trying out their jokes.

At the first stop, they start telling their jokes and notice the amount of laughter.

If it wasn't that funny they either never tell that joke again or they change some part of it and try it again at the next comedy club!

They do this over and over until they have enough jokes that work to do an entire show.

So great comedians already know their jokes are funny because of the previous crowd's reaction when they practiced them at the smaller clubs.

The key here is, the "Successful" comedians constantly seek reaction to their jokes and make the proper adjustments if necessary.

Other comedians you probably have never heard of and never will because for whatever reason they didn't put in enough effort to make sure their material was good enough to make their name well known.

But what if all of a sudden, the successful comedian changed the way they did things and just hopped on stage at a huge show and tried new jokes for the very first time?

Can you imagine if the jokes aren't as funny as they thought?

What happens to their reputation as a comedian in the future when they try to sell tickets for their upcoming shows?

It's the same as the chef. They'll ruin their reputation.

And it's the same for artists who don't differentiate which songs are ok to release and which songs to stash.

Artists who work with us know their stats which gives them a HUGE advantage in choosing their songs, thus building their fan base 1000 x faster!

After knowing this, can you imagine the insanity of artists continuing to blindly put out song after song, not knowing their stats? And still shooting videos, printing up t-shirts for the songs, mix & mastering the songs, advertising the songs and everything else that goes along with it?

Could you imagine that? Yet, this is what most unsuccessful artists do everyday. 

They just go ahead and put their music out there, without a fan base, and hope for the best. (Does this sound like anyone you know?)

Which leads us to Problem #2.

Artists not having or building a fan base before releasing their music.

There is no shortage of artists saying "Check out my new single, video, or album!"

Or how about...

"The wait is over! Album dropping Tuesday! Check me out!"

Or at the end of their video or when getting off stage they go...

  1. "Follow me on Instragram @..."
  2. "Like me on FaceBook @..."
  3. "Follow me on Twitter @..."

But we saved the best one for last...

"Out now!!"

"Available on All Streaming Platforms!!"

We hear it all the time. And when their music comes out after all that…CRICKETS!!!!

Now add up your first problem of not knowing your stats, with advertising when you don't have a fan base.

You'll get the following disasters!

  • Risking your reputation
  • Wasting time & money on advertising
  • Getting little or no response from the fans at all

NOT HERE…Our opinion is not to hastily advertise on those platforms first, because when you do this what ultimately happens is you end up sending all of your fans to spend their valuable time and dollars at other places instead of spending their valuable time and dollars with you.

Tidal, Spotify, Pandora, Soundcloud, YouTube, I.G., Twitter etc. benefit the most from that traffic you send them, NOT you!

Is that what you want? To send the fans away from you?

Song Reaktor brings the fans to you FIRST, and then gives you time to build a relationship!

After you build the relationship is when you begin to link them to the various platforms where they can find your music, buy your merch and/or buy your show tickets!

We feel if you're doing all of the hard work by making the music, then you should be first in line collecting the money!

Not the streaming services or various social media platforms.

Don't get it twisted, we love those platforms and if you are already making money from there, GREAT!! It's just the artists we've come across never seem to be able to make enough money to live their dreams as a musician doing it that way.

Building your fan base is more long term and that's what we're here to do.

And keep in mind, most emerging artists don't make that much money putting their music on streaming platforms or shooting videos right away anyway.

In fact, from what we've seen most times they lose money.

In our opinion it is a bad strategy that has proven not to work again and again.

So insteadWhy not Advertise good music to the people while building your fan base at the same time?


At BOI SO ILL, we focus on what we believe in and that's building your fan base the smart way in these 4 steps:

1) Upload your song.
2) Test it with a Reaktor.
3) If it passes keep it. If it fails remove it.
4) Those songs that pass, use them to start building your fan base!


It's the quickest way to get you to your first 1000 TRUE FANS and on to making $50,000 - $100,000 possibly by sometime next year!

It all starts if you have desire and determination to build your fan base! 

That's the only way you're going to make it!

Song Reaktor packs a huge punch!!

Let me unpack how it works and what's in it for you!

When you purchase The Diamond, you will be uploading and entering your song into the Reaktor against 99 other songs.

We will process your song in the Reaktor for 5 days, then you'll receive your results via email!


These stats are what will allow you to pick the Lebron and Steph Curry's of your music!

To be the chef that serves amazing cake!

And the comedian that tells hilarious jokes!

It's what will separate your album from all the other artists' albums who just put out any ole thing.

But not only that…BUCKLE UP AND CHECK THIS OUT!!

The Diamond Reaktor is where you will begin to get recognition for all your hard work! (And rightfully so!)

If your song is in the top 5 out of 100, it will be sent directly to our celebrity panel for review!

 Our Celebrity panel includes:

 Multi-Platinum Grammy Nominated Producer

MYGUYMARS from "1500 or Nothin"


Credits: Jay-Z, T.I., Kanye, Nipsey Hussle

TV & FILM Director - Mr. Carl Seaton

Credits: Chicago P.D., The Chi, Snowfall, Supergirl, Bat Woman 

Record Executive/Music producer  - Xtreme

Credits: Kanye, Wu-Tang Clan, Ne-Yo

Actress/Singer/Producer - Drew Sidora

Credits: That's So Raven, Step Up, CrazySexyCool Music Distribution deal with Empire Records
Grammy Award winning MY BLOCK Records CEO
Warryn Campbell (Unconfirmed)

Credits: Mary Mary, Kanye, Alicia Keys, Snoop Dogg
Studio Engineer to the stars! - Slavic Livens

Credits: G Herbo, Chief Keef, Jeremih,  Gucci Mane

107.5 WGCI - V-Dubb

Power 92 Radio Host - Seandale (Unconfirmed)



Music, Film & Television Attorney - Daryl Jones (Unconfirmed)

Credits: Legal representation behind Tupac biopic All Eyes On Me
Handles legal contracts in music, film & television

Relationships are everything in this industry!

One of the best aspects about the celebrity panel is they understand what it's like to struggle. They understand the day to day pains of not knowing if you're ever going to make it and aren't afraid of giving a helping hand to someone they feel deserves it!

If they take an interest in you, it's nothing for them to invite you to a studio session, film audition, put you on a mix tape, feature you on a song or play your song on the radio! 

If they don't have anything at the time, they can set your song aside for a future project or easily pass your information on to one of their colleagues such as record A&R's or Film and Television Music Supervisors. And if your name starts buzzing, sky's the limit for your career! 

An A&R's job, for those of you who don't know, is to find new talent and bring them back to their Record Label to hopefully sign and develop! Then go out and repeat.

So when A&R's and Music Supervisors receive your music from one or our celebrity panelist, it's a huge advantage for you! Like we said before, relationships are everything!

Our in house Music Attorney, Daryl Jones, will be able to look over and advise you on any contracts that Record Labels or TV & Film companies may decide to offer you! Already paid for by yours truly!

Like we said before, we understand how difficult it is when you're competing against millions of other artists to get your music heard, especially heard by that "someone" who can change your life!

We're just getting started, but let's do a quick recap.

When you purchase the Diamond Reaktor it includes!

  • All of your stats via email (which is the most important thing)
  • Top 5 songs sent to our private celebrity panel for review

The Artist with the #1 song will receive the following!
Your very own

Home Studio Recording Package!

Sent straight from the Guitar Center!
(A value of $1,699)

  • $1,000 Cash!
  • (1) song Mixed & Mastered by Slavic Livins

The 4 remaining Artists with songs in the Top 5 will receive in order...

• 2nd place song

  • $1000 cash
  • (1) song Mixed & Mastered by Slavic Livins
  • A $500 Foot Locker gift card

• 3rd Place song

  • $1000 cash Prize
  • (1) song Mixed & Mastered by Slavic Livins
  • A $250 Foot Locker gift card

• 4th Place song

  • $1000 cash Prize
  • A $150 Foot Locker gift card!

• 5th Place song

  • $1000 cash Prize
  • A $100 Foot Locker gift card

But let's keep going!

When you purchase the Diamond Reaktor, the fans may choose your song as their favorite and in doing so you will be awarded $5/fan!

And this goes for any artist, not just the Top 5.

Not only that, this will be paid to you Monthly For 1 FULL YEAR!! (Must sing up @

So if you think about it, all you need is 5 fans to choose your song as their favorite and that's enough to repay your entire investment in full! 

And if as little as 6 fans choose your song as their favorite, you will receive $360 back total.

But guess what...

6 fans x $5 = $30/month 
$30/month x 12 months = $360 for the year

That's a 30% R.O.I. - Return on Investment.

No bank in the entire world will offer you this kind of deal!

Think this over real quick.

If 5 fans pick your song, you basically have all of your song's performance stats, identified your target audience, got your song put on the BOI SO ILL BEATS' Top 100 Bill Boards for fans and A&R's to check out and started building your fan base for free!!

What if your song is the "Hit Song" out of your peer group and gets picked by 60% of the fans?

That's $300/month or $3,600 for the year! 

And OF COURSE if you have a hit, you're going to have the #1 song!!

So when you add it all up that's a grand total over $8,000!

You will have gotten all of your money back and much, much more starting the very next week! 

Try getting that on ANY of the major streaming platforms!

But let's keep going. There's more!

For every fan that picks your song as their "favorite", they will be sharing your song link on their Instagram and Twitter social media pages! Even if you're not in the Top 5. 

Imagine having new fans across the country that are sharing your song link up to 10x a day to their friends and followers!

And they will do it! Not only because they want to, but also because there are prizes awarded for the top listener with the most points!

Sharing their favorite songs from the Reaktor throughout the day is a way for them to earn extra points to help qualify them to win the Grand Prize! 

Some Studio Dre Beats!

Just think how much traffic this will send your way! Your views, likes and streams will be going up, up, up!

BUT...even if you don't win anything or pick up any new fans on this go around, we've thought of something for everybody.


So if you happen to fall in this crowd of winning nothing, you'll still be able to make something out of nothing once you receive your very own coupon code! (*Good for 1 month.) 

What does this mean and how does this help you?

You can now offer this amazing opportunity to other artists!

I want you to picture this!!

You posting your Coupon Code on all of your social media pages, texting it and talking to other artists about this amazing opportunity and all it has to offer!

The Diamond Reaktor practically sells itself!

This amazing offer is not available to the 1,000,000's of artists out there. Only here at BOI SO ILL and you can be one of the few who has a coupon code!

You can even give your coupon code to your friends and family to post on their pages to help you!

You can literally make money in your sleep!

$$$ Let me show you how it works and how quickly it can add up for you! $$$

Every time someone uses your Coupon Code, they will receive $10 off of their purchase of The Diamond Reaktor and you my friend in turn will receive $50!

That's right...$50 every time somene uses your code!!

Like we just said, "You can literally make money in your sleep!"

And think about this!

Once 6 people use your code you will have gotten your money back in full!

What if more than 6 people use your Coupon code?

Imagine if 5 artist a week use your Code? That adds up to $1,000 in 1 month!

Imagine 5 artist a day for a month using your Code...That's $7,500 in 1 month!

That's enough money for you to go to the studio, re-enter this contest with new music several times, pay some bills and still have PLENTY left over! (*Top 5 sales earners will be extended an additional 30 days to use their code!)

So as you can see, there are many ways you can make money off of your music!!

This offer will be extended to you for a limited time because of your dedication to improve in your craft as an artist by putting out your best music and showing the willingness to invest in yourself!

You will never find an offer like this one - ANYWHERE!

So the question I now have for you is...

Would you rather keep that $299 in your pocket or get this deal?

If it was me personally...


I would much rather have this deal! LBVS

But seriously!

Do you see how the Reaktor can save you time and money?

Are you interested in saving time and money?

If you were ever going to start to save time and money, when do you think would be a good time to start?

Place your order now!!

There are only 100 Diamond Reaktors available per week.

*Regular price for the Diamond is $999. On sale now for $299 for a limited time only.

They are made available every Saturday at midnight.

Once the 100 are sold we will be Sold Out until the following Saturday @ midnight.
(*We do not guarantee the sale price for the following week.)



Check it out today!

 BUY NOW on sale for only $299.00! (*Sale offer for a limited time.)

10% of all proceeds goes to our foundation "THE 4EVER FOUNDATION" inspired by my partner K.J. - R.I.P. Let's stop the unnecessary gun violence in our communities.