Song Reaktor - The Musical Taste Test!

Song Reaktor - The Musical Taste Test!

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There are millions of rap artists every year making music everyday in hopes of one day making it and living their dream life style. The rap game along with the help of the internet has exploded into taking normal everyday artists and turning them into millionaires selling out arenas worldwide!! This is GREAT, but at the same time creates an environment where your songs have to be what the fans REALLY want because if not, there are millions of others to choose from.

Did you know every time you as an artist put out a song it's like taking a test? Yes a test! The "teachers" in the musical world are the fans. If you pass the test, they will...

  • buy
  • subscribe
  • heart
  • view
  • like

But could you imagine taking tests, never getting the results and then taking more and more and more tests? Why? It doesn't make any sense. How would you ever know if you did good or bad? I guess it's ok if you did good because you would be getting buyers, subscribers, hearts, views, likes etc. But what if you did bad? How would you know what parts of the test you got wrong? If you know what to study for then the next time you take the test you are prepared! Therefore, it's most necessary to find out what your results are after the test!! If you don't you will continue, I didn't say maybe... you WILL continue to fail and never go to the next level because the fans only pick the ones that are passing the test!

Knowing this, could you imagine an artist continuing to make song after song, without knowing what people think of their music before or after they put it out but still think they're the one that's going to make it to be rich and famous? Could you imagine that? Yet, this is what most artists do. They just put their music out there and hope for the best. (Does this sound like you?)

If the fans have only 24 hours in a day, they can't possibly listen to millions and millions of songs. So they are going to have to pick out the ones they like and connect with the most to listen to. If you're not getting your results and your songs are not "passing the test" to the point of getting the people talking and sharing your music, your dreams of making it and becoming successful will never come true even if you're a serious artist. (Find out what artist level you're on here: Artist potential.)

I remember back in the day how companies like Pepsi and Coke used to do this thing called a “taste test”. They would have people put on blind folds and try out new samples of their soft drinks. This was extremely important! This is how the companies got reactions to their products, learned what the people liked, then made improvements until they made a  product that gave the customer what they wanted! Let me say this again...

The taste test results is what allowed them to know what to research, improve and remake their soft drinks into a worldwide likable product!

They didn’t say, "Here buy this whether you like it or not". That would seem absolutely insane. Yet that’s what artists do every day on YouTube, Soundcloud, Facebook Groups and other platforms. But they don’t see it as insane, they see it as that’s what everybody else does. They work on their music, put it on different platforms and want the people to listen then like, follow, view, and subscribe but are confused and discouraged when they are unsuccessful and not getting much attention. (Sound familiar?)

Instead of getting the results and preparing for the next test, I see artists all the time doing the like for like, sub for sub scheme for social status. Like ooohh they have 500, 2500, 5000, or 10,000 followers. Yeah but ask one of their “followers” to spit their lyrics…Crickets. They aren’t real fans of their music.

The only way I have seen successful people go to the next level is by studying what their weak points are, strengthening them and repeating. You have to know what your weak points are. You have to begin getting real feedback! You have to get reaction to your music!

That's the only way you're going to make it!

Someone asked me "Why can't an artist just ask the people for feedback himself?" But I think we all know the answer to this…Most times with friends and family don't want to be honest because they are afraid hurting your feelings.  The great thing about song reaktor is its anonymous. You can feel comfortable telling them you don't know who anyone is, so feel free to give your opinion.

I know you don't want to have to continue to guess is your music good, bad or what it is you need to work on anymore. You want to know if it's good enough and if not, you want to know WHAT to work on.

That’s why I created Song reaktor!  Start doing your “Musical Taste Test” today! Because a $0.99 investment today, could get you where you want to be tomorrow! (On sale for a limited time.)

How does it work!

After purchasing song reaktor, you are emailed instructions on how and where to upload your music.  After your music is successfully uploaded, you will receive 2 links.

  1. Link to send your audience directly to the artist feedback page to listen your music
  2. Your reaktor link that allows them to anonymously give their opinion of your music and then sends your results straight to your email inbox!
If you prefer you can simply text, email or add your Song Reaktor link to your social media platforms allowing your family, friends, followers etc the ability to give their reactions to your music! Be patient and wait for the results to start flooding your inbox from the people you choose to review it!


    Song Reaktor!! Get the reactions to your music  and improve it in a real way by knowing what the fans want!! 

    Check it out today!

    Preview the questions you can send your target audience here!  Song Reaktor!

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